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why behaviour change alone isn’t enough


A familiar sound is reverberating through organisations today. Leaders are grappling with the culture change of our age; from centralised hierarchy, to collaborative ecosystems. The go-to solution that slips through conversation is ‘behaviour change’…

Resilience: an unconscious guilt narrative?


‘Stress, pressure and mental health at work’ is the title of a video published by the BBC. The feature shines the light on workplace attitudes to stress and mental health, and points to trends we’ve been noticing for some time now…


Insights Discovery is a four colour model that develops understanding of self and others. Everyone has all four colour energies within them, and it’s the way they blend that creates the unique ‘you’. Take a look at the four colour energies here.


Untangle your emotional knots with ‘sculpting’


Recently I found myself hooked in a tension, from a conversation I had with a friend of mine. Surprisingly, it brought out an aggressive side to me that I just couldn’t shake off. Which reminded me, ‘shaking off’ emotions never really works anyway…

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