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Are you living your life at the best version of you?

  • Do you have a relationship, ‘a difficult person’ you find challenging?

  • Do you wish you could stay ‘you’ under pressure, and not lose yourself to stress?

  • Maybe you’re thinking of a career move that feels like a leap?

  • Do you have a decision to make and feel conflicted?

  • Or do you want more influence in your working or personal life?

Whatever your challenge is there are ways to unlock your higher strengths so you can approach life’s edges with more choice – ways that bring out the best in you. Join us as we take curiosity by the hand and journey into the many selves inside.

In this one-day workshop, we’ll shake hands with the different parts of self, the sub-characters within, and they’re idiosyncratic maps. With your very own “colour-energy” personal profile (worth £91) you’ll unpack your challenges in a new light, and reveal clues to the choice points that take you beyond. Our intent is to leave you empowered with a renewed energy that comes from the core of who you are.

Before the day you’ll be invited to complete an Insights Discovery personality questionnaire, which generates a description of your personality preferences through the lens of ‘colour energies’. This will form the inner map we will be working from.

Insights Discovery is typically only available to people in larger corporations. We want to make these available to everyone, for those in small businesses, anybody dealing with relationship challenges, or simply individuals navigating life. Take a look at the Insights colour energies…


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